1 | Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning is the process of training your mind to work like a coded script. What this means is, in any situation you are equipped mentally, physically, and psychologically to respond accordingly.


2 | Etiquette/Appearance

How you dress can be perceived as an indicator of how you carry yourself, we live in a pre-judgmental society. The way you dress can also change how you respect, appreciate, and value your appearance. Confidence begins with a conversation with the mirror. The successful look the part first then develop into the role.


3 | Communications

Greeting someone in a respectful manner can be the difference in how they will respect and appreciate you long term. You demand respect by first giving respect. This simple initial encounter will leave a lasting impression that can go a long way towards future social and business relationships.


"If you want to change the direction that the youth are going, you must first give them a path worthy of following."