About Us

Robert Williams

President | Chief Executive Officer | Chief Operation Officer

Robert is a visionary with the passion to create change. Through his passion over the last 8 years he has created a mentorship program for the purpose of encouraging new thinking for our youth. Robert has been a successful Master Barber for 15 years while mentoring and being a positive role model to well over 100 young men and boys. He is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of investment and business experience that include a non-profit organization, an investment property, a cleaning franchise and the first Black Owned Barbershop on the University of Tennessee campus.

Through his passion, Robert has created a mentorship program with the purpose of encouraging new thinking amongst our youth.

Kharis Yeboah

Chief Technology Officer

Kharis is deeply committed to leveling the playing field for our youth. Over the last 11 years, Kharis has mentored and taught STEM, ACT prep, and SAT prep to over 300 children. Kharis received his B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Texas at San Antonio, as well as his M.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences from Lincoln Memorial University. Kharis is passionate about math and is committed to increasing access to mathematics and STEM education for underserved communities. As a result, he has had the opportunity to teach students from all over the world.

Nick Covin

Chief Financial Officer | Treasury

Nick is a graduate of Lane College c/o 2005. While attending Lane he obtained his BS in Business Management with emphasis in Accounting and finance. Nick also studied Kinesiology for 3 years.

Upon graduation, Nick had the pleasure of attempting to complete his lifetime dream of playing professional football. That goal was cut short when he failed to make the roster. It was his second attempt so he made the decision to join the US Army.

"In the Army is where I really found how strong I could be." He entered the Signal Corp in September 05, only to have his world turned upside down. October of 2005, he discovered he had a brain tumor that needed to be surgically removed before he could join the permanent party Army. He chose to complete his training before having the surgery, so in May of 2006, the tumor was removed.

While in the Army, his achievements were as follows: Certified in all disciplines of Communication, Distinguished Honor Grad of Primary Leadership Development Course(PLDC), Level 3 Combative Certified, Special Pop NCOIC, Fast Track E-5 Ranking to name a few. "While this one doesn’t come with a certification, I think my strongest accomplishment was returning home with every soldier that deployed under my leadership."

Tiki Gibourne

Chief Administrative Officer

With nearly thirty years of experience in community service, Tikisha Gobourne is well equipped with the knowledge and passion for helping others - making her a perfect fit as Chief Administrative Officer. Gobourne's history and experience in working with underrepresented communities isn't the only reason she's fit for the position, it's her motivation and routine discipline in being a pillar of integrity, commitment, and honesty that makes her an invaluable mentor to all those that cross her path. Gobourne is a graduate of Rutgers University - which is considered one of the nation's leading research universities. But Gobourne's contributions to communities of youth happened well before her time in college. Her time at Rutgers enhanced her ability to become strategic, and forward-thinking, and to be considered a valuable asset both in and out of academia - but her desire to mentor the youth originated when Goubourne herself was a child. Since she was a child, Gobourne remembers making a silent promise to herself that her reality would not be her children's. As the oldest of five, she doubled as their mentor and guidance while mom and dad worked around the clock. This sense of leadership and care has carried with Gobourne into adulthood and has made a positive impact on hundreds of children that she has mentored over the course of her life. Gobourne is fortunate enough to see the effects of her own experiences play out in the lives of her own children. She kept that silent promise to herself for many years, and is grateful to have children that recognize and appreciate the sacrifices that she has made not only for them but for other children that don't have solid support systems at home. Motherhood heightened Gobourne's calling to become a community leader who specialized in youth mentorship. After seeing how little resources were available to underprivileged youth,she knew that she had a job to do, and so she began her journey in mentorship and entrepreneurship. She went on to own her own non-profit organization called Women Mentoring Women. Additionally, Gobourne has worked with Youth United for Success for over ten years and has served on the Parent Advisory Council for Brown Girls Do Gymnastics

Tyvi Small

Chief Influence Officer

Tyvi Small was named interim vice chancellor for diversity and engagement in December 2018. Before that appointment, he served as executive director of talent management, diversity, and community relations in UT’s Haslam College of Business, where he spent the past 11 years of his career.

In 2008, Small founded Business Education for Talented Students, a program that targets underrepresented high school students from across Tennessee who are interested in business careers. The program was honored in 2015 as one of UT’s best community–campus partnerships. He is active in the community and serves on the boards of the Development Corporation of Knox County, Knoxville Area Urban League, Knoxville Utilities Board, Tennessee Valley Fair, and the Change Center.

Small is a member of the Leadership Knoxville Class of 2012. In 2016 he was named among the Knoxville News Sentinel “40 Under 40” for his professional achievements and community service.

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