1 | S.T.E.M

The world is an ever-evolving system that demands an understanding of the basic phenomena that governs the system. There's a marginal gap in STEM education between black youth and there counterparts. An intricate understanding of math, physics, biology, chemistry, and coding will allow students to gain a competitive edge in today's world.

2 | Financial Literacy

The value of understanding the basic economic functions of earning and spending money is priceless. The African American community is destined to continue generational poverty if they are only exposed to the bad financial habits of their parents. The younger you learn the difference between assets and liabilities can be the difference in a lifetime of working for money barely getting by or having your money work for you with a life of financial freedom.

3 | Ancestral Obligation

Ancestral Obligation is the understanding of your role in your families infinite existence. There was life before you and as a result you exist, there will be life after you so you are responsible for not only making an impact so that your offspring will have a path worthy of following but you also have to pass down what was passed down to you.